How can King Street Technology help your business?

 Outside of simply finding qualified individuals, it can be difficult to remain agile as organizations invest in full-time IT staff with specific skills. What happens when the market changes next year – or next week? Hiring new team members as new technologies shift into focus isn’t always strategic or effective.

That’s why many businesses partner with a managed services provider. MSPs assemble a top-tier team of engineers and IT specialists – network engineers, system analysts, developers, programmers, security professionals, etc. – and then align these experts to the business and project objectives of clients.

These businesses extend IT teams with the MSP experts to enable specific tech investments, allowing them to remain agile with changing tech developments

Why Not Build That Team Myself?

 Today, you are upgrading your data center hardware. Tomorrow, perhaps, you are migrating to the cloud. Next week you are hardening your security framework, and next month you are deploying collaboration tools for the organization. 

Technology teams today are no longer tasked with keeping the lights on and technology running smoothly. They are strategic players in moving the business forward, streamlining processes, investing in new technology and aligning to the organizational objectives.

These tasks call for a much wider and deeper level of technology expertise. To build a team with the various certifications, regulatory knowledge, and experience needed to successfully meet these targets is enormously expensive. So, organizations extend IT teams with the experts at an MSP who have these qualifications, sharing that expertise – and cost – with other businesses.

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